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Africa Cup of Nations Soccer 2004

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1Would you be more interested in learning about the Africa Cup of Nations Soccer 2004? To give you a brief understanding of it, it was actually considered as the twenty-fourth edition. This edition was under the Africa Cup of Nations or the CAF. It was proclaimed that Jay-Jay Okocha was the best player of all.

2004 Qualification to the African Cup of Nations

Among those teams qualified to enter the African Cup of Nations include of Algeria, Benin, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Mali, Nigeria, Morocco, Senegal, Rwanda, Egypt, DR Congo, South Africa, Tunisia, Zimbabwe, Kenya and Guinea.

With the fifty-two participating nations, they were all divided into thirteen groups of four teams. The thirteen groups that remain are proclaimed as the winners. They are also the best runner-ups from the groups who qualified for the finals. The qualifying process took place in between the periods of Sept. 2002 to July 2003.


One of the venues of Africa Cup of Nations Soccer 2004 is the famous Rades, Tunis. This is famous in holding the capacity of sixty-thousand people.  Monastir is also known for holding the capacity of thirty-thousand people.

As per the teams that progress to the quarter finals, they are none other than Tunisia and Guinea. For the Group B, the teams of Senegal and Mali continued as well. Group C that includes of Algeria and Cameroon also progresses along the way.

The Group D is also mainly consisted of the teams from Nigeria and Morocco. One of the winners is Tunisia that holds its first ever title. The leading scorers are the following: Frederic, Patrick M’ Boma, Francileudo, Jay-Jay Okocha and Youssef Mokhtari.

Tournament- CAF Team

The goalkeeper that marks in the said tournament is none other than Vincent Enyeama. The best thing is that there are defenders such as Hoalid Regragui, Adbeslam Ouaddou, Khaled Badra and Timothee Atouba.

Included in the list of midfielders are Jay-Jay Okocha, John Utaka, Riadh Bouazizi and Karim Ziani. For you to have an idea of the forwards, they are none other than Youssef Hadji and Frederic Kanoute.

The Summary of the Tournament Details

With Tunisia as the host country, the tournament started out on the 24th day of January to the 14th day of February. With sixteen teams and six venues, the tournament was reported to have been a success.

Due to the reason that Africa faces its serious toilet problems ( check for toilet prices and discounts ) , the government and the people are looking for ways in having a sustainable, modern and safe solution to the South Africans. Good thing, this is still resolved before the coming of the tournament. Actually, the tournament was hosted by none other than Tunisia. There were teams divided into four groups with four members. With Tunisia winning their first-ever title, they were amazing after beating Morocco in the final 2-1.

The final positions are as follows: Tunisia as the champion, Morocco as the runners-up, Nigeria holding its third place and Mali holding its fourth place. There were thirty-two matches played throughout the tournament.

The tournament was actually attended by five-hundred fifty-three thousand five hundred people or seventeen thousand two-hundred ninety-seven per match.



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