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Watching Soccer Games In Cebu Philippines Is Getting Easier

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One of the most exciting things to watch is soccer. Millions of fans throughout the world sit in front of televisions to see players from different teams face off. Not only is it one of the most enthralling sports around, but it also is fun getting together with other soccer-lovers to support the chosen team.

If you live in Cebu Philippines, you may have had some problems with finding places to watch the games. Although soccer is one of the top sports throughout the world, in Cebu that’s not the case. In fact, most of the Philippines are so influenced by western culture that they herald basketball as the number one sport. Of course basketball is exciting, but there are still plenty of soccer fans who long to watch their sport on the big screen.

People in Cebu have a team- the Azkals. The problem is that though having a team is a step in the right direction, the team isn’t filled with professional-grade players. Most of the team is comprised of half-time models who play in their spare time. It makes for a fun pastime, but hardly holds the excitement of seeing professional teams go head to head with their best players vying for a win.

The good news for soccer fans is that things in Cebu are changing. Since 2014/2015, BeIN Sports network has offered a sports package via Skycable. With the BeIN package, viewers can pay roughly 700 pesos per month to have unlimited access to the various HD channels that play football 24-hours a day. If you work nights and want a good game during the day, you can just tune in and find a fantastic sport to get you through your resting hours. If you’re a late-night fan, you can do the same.

The one downfall of BeIN Sports is that you never know what soccer game in Cebu Philippines you are going to see. If you’re particularly fan of one country, this can be a problem. Hopefully as the network picks up steam it will start to offer more targeted soccer options.

To watch soccer games in Cebu, you also can visit some bars. One popular location is “All Stars Sports Bar” on Mango Avenue. This bar is a great addition to the nightlife scene and has quickly become one of the number one sports bars in the area with good reason. It showcases a number of different soccer games so you can always visit with your mates and enjoy a game. As an added bonus they offer great food and of course the drinks are premiere.

Another location where you can enjoy soccer is The Emerald Isle Pub in Talamban Cebu. This is a pub with an Irish-theme to it and it’s a lot of fun. The food is delicious and it has plenty of big screen TVs around the room to let you enjoy the soccer game you have been waiting for.

For any soccer lover in Cebu, finding matches that are relevant can be an issue. The market is changing though. Now, you can find places that promote just the soccer games that you enjoy!